The security of your funds is our top priority. All retail client funds are housed in segregated accounts at top global banks. In addition, we commit to full transparency so you understand our financial strength.

Client Fund Segregation

As TradeFCM is regulated , we are obliged to follow the client money rules in the Client Assets Sourcebook (“CASS”). The CASS rules require F to ensure a clear segregation between money belonging to retail clients and money that belongs to the firm. Retail client money is transferred to a segregated client money bank account held with a third party. TradeFCM only deposits client money with third parties that have a credit rating equivalent to the  Credit Quality Step 5 rating. TradeFCM exercises all due diligence in the selection, appointment and periodic review of third parties.

Client Fund Security

In the unlikely event of TradeFCM insolvency, segregated client funds cannot be used for reimbursement to TradeFCM creditors. If we are unable to satisfy repayment claims, eligible claimants have the right to compensation , up to £50,000.